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Residential Cleaning in Manhattan

Your Home Has Never Been Cleaner

Unless you live on the set of a 90s sitcom, you know that life in Manhattan is busy, busy, busy. A quick coffee—no breakfast—and off to work. 10 hours later, back at home and starving, you gulp down dinner. Then it’s time for bed! As the days and weeks go by, the mess piles up. You ask yourself if you’ll ever find time to clean and get your home in order.

MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete can help. We offer scheduled cleaning services, deep cleaning services, and move in/out services for the busy residents of Manhattan. Our reliable and detail-oriented housekeepers will help you reclaim your home from the ever-accumulating mess. Contact us today to learn about our affordable prices and our cleaning services tailored to your schedule.

Scheduled Cleaning Services

The only way to maintain a clean apartment, condo, or house is by regularly cleaning it. Our residential cleaning services do just that. Book our team for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly housekeeping. Don’t let the mess build up to the point of no return!

To continuously maintain the cleanliness of your home, hiring our housekeeping service once a week is a great idea. There’s no better way to keep your home immaculate all the time. It’s a great service for families with many people living under one roof. And it’s also great for those who simply want a home that’s always clean.

Another great option we offer at MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete is our bi-monthly cleaning service. Our housekeepers will visit your home twice a month to do all the vacuuming, mopping, wiping, dusting, disinfecting, and general cleaning. We recommend this service to families, young professionals, elderly persons, and more who can handle day-to-day cleaning but need help with the rest!

Our monthly cleaning services are aimed at giving your Manhattan house, apartment, or condo the deep clean it needs. The secret, hidden dirt and grime is our goal. Our monthly service is great for families and individuals who are looking for a professional to help out with the tough stuff.

Spring Cleaning

Once or twice a year it’s a good idea to give your Manhattan home a deep clean. The only problem? Most people don’t have the time or the right tools to do it properly. Something always gets left out. Months later you’re looking for something and discover a collection of onion peels tucked away under the kitchen counter. How they got there and how they got missed remains a mystery!

But not with spring cleaning services from MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete. Our team takes the time to get deep into the corners and hard-to-reach-places that most people would skim over. It’s all about the details. Plus, we use state-of-the-art technology and commercial-grade products to give your carpets, hardwood floors, sinks, tubs, and surfaces an extra level of care.

Reap the benefits of a clean home today and contact us about our spring cleaning and deep cleaning services!

Other Services

At MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete, we provide a complete line of residential cleaning services for your Manhattan home or apartment. We understand that cleaning is a time-intensive process for the busy professional, and our services are created with this in mind.

MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete works with you, not for you, to develop realistic cleaning plans and goals. Whether you prefer to do most chores yourself and only need a bit of help, or would rather outsource everything, we have the services you need. Our line of offerings is fully customizable to each client and home. If you are wondering about a specific service you don’t see listed, feel free to contact us. There’s a good chance we provide it, too!

Moving is a very frequent occurrence in Manhattan, with our housing and population density. For this reason, we provide thorough and prompt moving services to our clients. Whether you’re moving in or moving out, we will completely clean all living spaces including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Our fully trained staff of professionals uses the most effective cleaning products on the market to guarantee a fantastic clean every time. We’ll take care of the cleaning so you can take care of the packing and organizing. MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete believes that moving should exciting and stress-free, and our moving services reflect this!

You may be an apartment dweller who rents out their space in the short term. Whether you rent out by the week, by the month, or to vacationers, it’s imperative that your home gets a full cleaning between guests. Our staff arrives quickly to clean your space, preparing it for your next guests. Floor cleaning, surface cleaning, and all fixtures are just some of the features we provide.

With New York’s older infrastructure, home and apartment owners are constantly making updates to their places. If you are in the midst of a renovation or have just completed one, MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete offers post-renovation cleaning services. We will clean floors, windows, and walls which may have been affected during the construction work. Any renovation-related dust or remnants will be quickly removed. Our surface cleaning fluids are also specially formulated not to damage fresh paint.

MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete also specializes in tile and grout cleaning. In kitchens and bathrooms, constant exposure to water and moisture as well as various chemicals can wreak havoc on even the most resistant tiles. Grime, mold, and mildew are not only unattractive but also unsanitary, and can present significant challenges to remove. Our specialists rise to the challenge, using the strongest and most effective cleaning products on the market to remove stubborn buildups.

MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete is proud to offer green cleaning products as part of our service line. We believe this is crucially important in households, where toxic cleaning products can often be allergens or irritants. Our products are certified non-toxic and made with natural ingredients. They are safe for use in your home and equally safe when they need to be discarded.

If you have any questions about our products or ingredients, we would be happy to provide you with some information. MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete would also be happy to offer you a complimentary quote for our services!

Four Residential Cleaning Tips to Help Make Your Manhattan Home Cleaner This Year

It seems like all anyone does in Manhattan is work. Well, you have to in order to afford the rent! But this can make it difficult to attend to the dozen daily cleaning tasks that go into keeping your home immaculate year after year. If you’re in a position where your sink is a home for used take-out containers you mean to wash out and the underside of your couch is a breeding ground for dust bunnies, don’t worry. Messy periods happen to everybody, doubly so if you have pets or young children around. But there’s no reason to live in squalor any longer. MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete, Inc. has come up with this list of four awesome time-saving residential cleaning tips to help you achieve that clean home you’ve always wanted.

Tip #1: For a Clean Home, Do One Task Twice a Day

Many people living in Manhattan get so overwhelmed by the mess that accumulates in their apartments that they feel like the only way to deal with it is to block off an entire weekend of deep cleaning. Well, it’s nice in theory, but the mess will just pile back up, and the cycle continues. The true way to keep your home cleaner is to break all the chores you need doing into individual parts, and commit to two every single day. For some, this might mean sweeping at night and picking clothes up off the floor. Others might commit to doing the dishes plus one additional task. Studies have shown that regular and consistent activity is the best way to accomplish any goal, so start by making a small and measurable difference daily!

Tip #2: Vinegar is Your Friend

Vinegar is one of the most useful cleaning products any Manhattan apartment-dweller can have in their arsenal. This versatile kitchen condiment isn’t just great in salads; it also can disinfect floors, remove stains and odors from clothes, freshen up your garbage can, and even get out tough grease stains off ovens and dishes!

Tip #3: Save Time in the Shower

Here’s a genius idea: rather than waiting until your shower is dry to clean it, clean it with you in it! The running water from your daily bathing will create steam that loosens dirt and grime, and you can scrub the tiles of your shower while you leave your conditioner and body scrub in to soak. Getting clean while you clean the place—now that’s efficient!

Tip #4: Hire Professional Cleaners

Listen, if you want a home that looks sparkling every day, there’s few methods that are as effective as hiring the pros. MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete, Inc. is the best provider of cleaning services in any of the Five Boroughs, and we have the past experience to prove it. Plus, our rates for daily or weekly cleaning are more reasonable than you’d think.

There’s no shame in needing a little help from time to time. Let us handle the work and kick back your feet in a beautiful home! Call MaidMiracle-CleaningComplete, Inc. today to learn more!